EVGA NU RGB PCIe Audio Card, Designed with Audio Note

Code: SC-105-101

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Overview & Specifications

Features / Specifications

Audio DSP XMOS xCORE-200
Dynamic Range (DNR) 123dB (Playback)
121dB (Recording)
Playback Format (Stereo) Up to 384kHz, 32bit
Headphone Amp Yes (16-600ohm)
I/O Stereo Out (RCA (L/R)) Headphone Out (6.3mm)
Line-In (3.5mm)
Mic-In (3.5mm)
Optical Out (TOSLINK Passthrough)
Front Panel Header
Switchable OP-AMP Headphone, Line-Out
Power Connector 1x SATA Power
Supported OS Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Output Configuration 2 Channel (Analog)
5.1 Channel (Digital)
Signal-To-Noise (SNR) 123dB (Playback)
121dB (Recording)
Playback Format (Optical) Up to 192kHz, 24bit
Recording Format Up to 384kHz, 32bit (Line-In)
Up to 192kHz, 24bit (Mic-In)
Premium Components DAC - AKM AK4493
ADC (Line-In) - AKM AK5572
ADC (Mic-In) - Cirrus Logic CS5346
OP-AMP (Headphone) - ADI OP275
OP-AMP (Line Out) - ADI AD8056
Capacitors - WIMA, Audio Note
Power Regulator - Texas Instruments TPS7A47, TPS7A33 ultralow-noise power solution
Interface PCIe x1 Gen2
RGB Lighting RGB (10 Mode) with audio reactive lighting
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