Killer 2100 Gigabit Maximum Network Performance Online Gaming Network Interface Card

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Overview & Specifications

• It starts with the Network Processing Unit (NPU), a powerful processor at the heart of Killer 2100 that runs network operations on your game data.
• Advanced Game Detect™ automatically identifies online game traffic and prioritizes it above other traffic coming in to your PC.
• Killer™ 2100 takes that game data and uses our Windows Network Stack Bypass to get that data straight to your game, faster than any other network card.
• And our Visual Bandwidth Control lets you manage your Internet connection intelligently; no other network card gives you the power to throttle bandwidth for network applications while your games take ultimate priority. Download files while you play online or use voice chat without interfering with your game by using a few simple controls.

Killer™ 2100 delivers data to your game faster than any other NIC, and it STAYS fast. Some NICs have lag that swings 6- 12 milliseconds in either direction, and that can make a huge difference when there's a bullet out there with your name on it or a troll headed in your direction. Killer™ doesn't slow down when the action gets too hot for an ordinary NIC to handle.
Get a handle on all your network traffic and see everything going on under the hood of your online gaming PC. Our Online Gaming PC Monitor, integrated into the Killer Network Manager, shows you essential data like your framerate and local ping, total bandwidth used, total traffic offloaded to Killer™ and everything else you'll need to know to manage your entire online experience. And our Visual Bandwidth Control lets you see all the bandwidth you've got available, manage the programs that use it, and even adjust them so that you can download while you game. No other network card gives you this much control of your online gaming PC.
The Competitive Edge
The First Bullet On The Wire Wins. We've measured it again and again: when it gets down to a standoff, Killer puts your activity on the network before any other NIC. Gamers who don't want to be leashed to slow network performance use the world's only Gaming Network Card- Killer™ 2100.
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